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October 01, 2007


andy fine

could be the topic of another book--how a significant percentage of public funds, and private donations--intended for enhancing academic achievement--end up being used as frivilous, over the top athletic department perks. If the public knew the details, surely the pipeline would dry up a little. If Congress removed the tax exempt status of Universities, and required the separation of athletic department budgets from general operating/academic funds, these shennanagans would become more transparent.

Justin Taucher

I looked at a lot of the numbers in this article and saw how much money that the University of Texas spends on there athletes and the sports organazation. Some of the numbers are outragous to me, especially the one that says the University spends 100 milliion dollars annually on there athletic department. The number that puzzled me the most was the one that said they give there players gift for certain achievements, like conference victories and championships. I always thought it was illegal to give your players any type of reward or any kind of gift, but in the article it says that they gave there players things like rings, watches, and even ipods.

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