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November 03, 2009



At BEST, Rovell is guilty of sloppy reporting. As you seem to be implying, maybe a normally competent reporter can really mess up sometimes. I have a bit of a problem though accepting Rovell's excuse that he was just lazy that day though; because in the original article where he claims Keflezighi is a "ringer," he also stated he became a US citizen in 1998. Since the minimum residency requirement is 5 years, he KNEW Keflezghi had to have lived in the US at least 16 years (turns out it was 22 years) without any other research required on his part. So I can't really pardon Rovell on sloppy research. He did his research and decided he was still a "ringer" and that at least 16 years was the equivalent to "a couple of hours."

There are many athletes that compete for the US in international sporting events who are naturalized citizens and a number of them used to compete for their birth countries unlike Keflezighi who has only competed for the US. The question remains why Rovell chose to pick on this guy specifically.

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