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September 15, 2010



Good point about Cannon. Because investigating a college player while he's still playing at the school is the same as going back 50 years to "out" the Billy Cannons of the world. Why the Heisman trust didn't strip Cannon of his statue is for those who were running the Heisman Trust at the time and, you know, they probably are dead by now.

This is not that hard. Bush broke the rules. He got caught. And now he's paying the price that all Super Bowl-winning, multi-millionaire pro athletes pay when they get caught cheating in college. I'm sure Wilbon has a spare couch for Reggie.


Excellent post Marc. Very insightful.


GASP! You returned 60 years to find an equivalent comparison. The Heisman Trust/NCAA hypocrisy knows no bounds!

Don't we all love moral relativism?


It would be hillarious if the Heisman Trust did revoke Cannon's award because he doesn't own the trophy anymore. He "sold' it to the restaurant T.J. Ribs after he got out of prison for counterfeiting.

...Geaux Tigers?

Greek McPapadopoulos

Interesting point. But I wanted to mention that Billy Cannon's famed punt return wasn't in the Sugar Bowl, but on Halloween night. Believe me, I see the clip at least three times a year watching LSU games. LSU lost the Sugar Bowl that season to Ole Miss.

Glibly Gulch

Where can I see this statue of limitations? Is it bronze or stone?

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